US Will Temporarily Shield Cameroonians From Deportation

The United States would temporally exempt Cameroonians against deportation till the end of the year in order to prevent deportation till the end of the year.

Americans will be prohibited from being extradited to Cameroon for an unspecified amount of time as a result of the continued killings between  government and armed separatists there, according to the Homeland security Department on Friday. It is estimated that the restoration of these persons would constitute a substantial threat to national security.

Because of an increasing number of attacks were carried out by Boko Haram extremist group, the United states Government decided on Thursday to provide a reprieve from removal for Citizens living in the Usa for a term of 18 months. There are various circumstances in which they may being able to file a request for work authorisation.

It is estimated that approximately 11,700 Cameroonian nationals may be qualified to participate in the programme, per the Homeland security Department.

In a statement, the Department of Justice stated that “extensive violence & massive devastation of infrastructure have tends to result in economic uncertainty, food scarcity, and also the displacement from several thousand Cameroonians that are unable to obtain schools, hospitals, and many other critical services.”

The designation of Permanent Constitutional Protection (TPS), which has been established in 1990 for aid people escaping civil war and natural catastrophes in its home countries, has indeed been extended to the Republic of Cameroon, making it a fourteenth country to really be qualified for the designation of the status. A common occurrence is that short-term reprieves are prolonged in increments ranging up to 18 months, leading many people to conclude that they were never intended to be brief in the first place.

About 250,000 Salvadorans were granted temporary resident status in the U.s. As a result of the earthquake that rocked their country in September 2001.

Among the nations whose nationals were given temporary legal residency by President Biden’s government in the preceding year were Burma, Haiti, Venezuela, and also the Ukraine. The number of demands for Cameroonian to be declared as a conflict zone has increased as compared to Russia’s invasion, and some advocates of a African country have claimed that the classification of Ukraine is motivated by racial discrimination.

The upshot was that an unprecedented number of Citizens arrived at the Border Between the united states in 2019, down until Ecuador tightened restrictions on travel, making it hard for them to pass by land.

It was praised by pro-immigrant activists who claimed the decision is long overdue and a good first move in the right direction.

When Haddy Gassama, Policy & Advocacy Director for Unregistered Black Women’s Policy & Advocacy, heard the news, she expressed her happiness, saying, “It’s a massive, huge, enormous relief.”